Trust Websites and Recommended Counsel

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Find all recorded documents against property, including mortgages, assignments, deeds, and financing statements.

NYS Homes & Community Renewal:

Find the status of your case, copies of the code, advisory opinions, operations bulletins, fact sheets, and other information items published by this agency.

NYC Department of Buildings:

Find the DOB or ECB violations posted against your building, and view the status of any outstanding permits.


Find the violations posted against your building, and the current registration. For older buildings, links to the I-Card, and for newer buildings, links to the Certificate of Occupancy.

NYC Department of Finance:

Look up tax abatement status, such J-51 or 421-a to find your building’s assessed value and other matters related to taxation.

NYC Rent Guidelines Board:

Find information about rent increases and surcharges.

NYS Unified Court Systems:

See future appearances or cases already assigned to a judge. Obtain copies of signed Order to Show Cause and decisions from all the appellate courts in the state.

Find Law:

Find information about cases, processes, and procedures.

Rent Stabilization Association (RSA):

Get industry updates on legislative changes and a host of other management issues.

Recommended Counsel